Smart Basel


BNY Mellon ‘Smart Basel’

BNY Mellon is a worldwide banking and financial services holding company headquartered in New York City. Every day BNY analyze thousands of data points to help their clients make better investments. We created SmArt Basel, a digital and social campaign that run over Art Basel in Miami. We worked with BNY to crunch the data behind the art and served it up to their clients on social media platforms, where 51% of collectors go to discover new artists.


We created a unique set of artful and branded numbers. The set of numbers were created in 3D and each character was given its own unique animation style which allowed us to generate posts in realtime and because the statistics were different everytime each post was unique. Disguising data as art.


With a limited budget and UBS as the title sponsor, BNY Mellon needed a way to get art aficionado’s attention. With  zero media buy we saw a 10% increase in Instagram followers over the course of the campaign, 20,000 engagements in Twitter polls alone, the average engagement per post on Instagram increased by 56% all of which led to 600,000+ impressions on social media.


The goal was to create awareness around the topic of misinformation and ask the public to be more thoughtful and careful about the “news” they see and share. The Fake News Stand got the attention of media outlets in more than 100 countries, generated more than 300 news stories and reached more than 2 billion people with zero media dollars spent.